(Plans for 2008)

"We aspire to become an indispensable player for developing countries and Kansai."

We aim to establish ourselves as a major entity integral to the field of middle-management training, an essential requirement for economic progress for developing countries. We also aspire to be a key player in promoting self-reliance and the development of the local communities of Kansai region.


1. We focus on middle-management human resource development and thereby assist developing countries in achieving growth.
We believe a fully skilled middle management is essential for company growth. Furthermore, growth in the Asia-Pacific region will lead to the growth of our Kansai region in the long term.
2. We take advantage of ODA to help develop human resources.
It is important to use the ODA funds to their full potential, by ensuring coordination between industry, government and academia. We endeavor to make the Japanese ODA fully appreciated through our activities.
3. We promote an increased flux of human resource exchanges through seminar activities.
We aspire to become an indispensable force that promotes exchanges between Kansai and the Asia- Pacific region. We connect the excellent human and infrastructure resources of Kansai with developing nations by providing the promising talent from these countries with opportunities to learn in Kansai. We also hope these activities will lead to an appreciation of what Kansai has to offer.


  1. Target date (duration): 2018
  2. Implementing wide-ranging activities that contribute to the growth of developing countries.
    PREX's "core identity" --its unique characteristics and strengths cultivated throughout its existence-- should be usefully taken advantage of "CORE IDENTITY"


    1. Expertise in planning and organizing practically-oriented seminars that help developing countries foster their human resources
    2. Broad nationwide/overseas human networks
      • ODA related organizations, overseas related organizations
      • Private companies, local governments and universities in the Kansai Region
      • PREX alumni and past seminar participants
    3. Strong local base: good relationships with Kansai-based organizations that support our seminar activities
      • Many outstanding company directors with solid management credentials
      • Excellent universities with distinguished academic staff
      • Support from related organizations: major private companies and local governments understand and assist with PREX's activities
  3. Commitment to local communities: we aspire to develop Kansai into an international hub through seminar activities and human resource exchanges promoted thereby