Chairman's Address

Kiyoshi OTSUBO

Pacific Resource Exchange Center (PREX) was established in Osaka in April 1990 thanks to cooperation and consensus among industrial, academic and public sectors in Kansai area. Our aim is mainly to assist fostering human resources to promote development of developing countries in Asia Pacific region. Another aim of PREX is to vitalize international mutual human exchange in Kansai area and to deepen mutual understanding through our activities for human resources development.

The location is certainly an advantage: we could plan a wide range of seminars because Kansai is the base for many good companies. Also noteworthy is the fact that many of these companies are relatively small but make excellent businesses. This is one of the reasons why our region attracts a great deal of attention from developing countries.

26 years have passed since PREX was established. Our organization has got into smooth water and has been developing steadily by the support and cooperation of all parties concerned. Therefore we are likely to be highly appreciated internationally.

Countries we have assisted so far in the past 26 years exceed 147 countries/regions and fostering middle management executives to which we give priority has numbered more than 16,500 in total. The world is rapidly changing, driven by the technological progress in such fields as information technology, biotechnology, medical technology However, whatever the circumstances, the importance of human resources development will never change for the development of countries.

There are great hopes towards our future activities from Asia Pacific developing countries. In order to comply with such expectation, we endeavor to develop new curriculums in conformity with times and keep evolving.

We recognize that our activities contribute to prosperity of developing countries and as a result contribute to maintaining the world peace. So we are proud to go forward for the fulfillment of our tasks. We sincerely ask your particular cooperation and assistance in future.