Project Activities

The activities of PREX, which connects Kansai to the world, are steadily expanding and contributing to the growth of developing countries.

PREX implements seminars related to industrial promotion for mid-level managers and others who are tasked with the development of developing countries, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, and promote exchanges on a human level and mutual understanding. Participants who returned home are now engaged in day-to-day activities to make their knowledge and experience learned in Japan play important roles for the development of their own countries.
It has been 25 years since PREX was founded. Even though the domestic and overseas situations surrounding PREX continue to change, the necessity of nurturing human resources for the self-reliance and growth of developing countries is something that will not change.

Seminars in Japan
We take advantage of the special social and economic features of the Kansai region to set up programs centering on the themes of corporate management, small and medium enterprise development, market economy promotion, export promotion, marketing, the environment, regional promotion, tourism promotion, etc. Government administrators and corporate managers from all of the countries participate in these seminars. These efforts also create opportunities for participants to come into contact with Japanese tradition and culture.
Overseas Seminars
With the theme of meeting the needs of individual countries, the seminar programs involve our instructors going away on trips to fulfill their duties. Distance learning seminars are also held, on the themes of nurturing human-resource development and corporate management at companies, which tie together the various regions of all the ASEAN countries and regions. Seminars on the topics of small and medium enterprise promotion, safeguarding intellectual property rights, export promotion and the environment are held in various locations in China, the Japan Centers in NIS countries and Central America.
Alumni Follow-up Activities
PREX systematically implements follow-up activities for alumni associations that have been established in 14 countries and regions and for participants who have returned home. The follow-up activities are aimed at making the best use of what the former participants learned while in Japan. Also, importance is placed on human networks that result from the seminars, and we are continuing to provide information and foster exchanges.
International Exchanges
The Kansai Program, which introduces Kansai's tourism and culture spots, and Home Visits, during which participants stay in regular homes, take place through the seminars. Also held (once a year) is the PREX Symposium, whose objective is to deepen understanding of the importance of international cooperation and PREX activities.