Seminar Topics by Region

Participants in seminars run by PREX come from a wide range of countries throughout the world. Let's take a look at the seminar topics by region.

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Number of seminar participants by country (PDF)


East Asia and South Asia Region

Since its foundation, PREX has been conducting seminars, including the Kankeiren ASEAN Management Seminar, for a number of Asian countries. It runs seminars according to the country or locally to respond to local needs in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, Laos, etc. Seminars for China are mainly on the theme of the environment, and over the past several years they have been conducted in collaboration with local governments in Kansai.

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Central Asia and Caucasus Region

PREX was first commissioned to run training programs for Central Asia from fiscal 1996. The Marketing Seminar for Understanding the Central Asian Market Economy was implemented until 2004, during which time 81 people took part. From 2002, people who have completed seminars of the local Japan Center Business Course were accepted for the Corporate Course Seminar. From fiscal 2006, the JICA Strengthening of Economic Organizations Seminar, which is aimed at the development of private organizations in Central Asia, has been implemented continually. In March 2010, through JICA Follow-up Activities, PREX staff visited local areas in order to learn about the activities by participants who have returned home.

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Middle East / Europe and Russia Regions
Since its founding, PREX has implemented the Corporate Management Course and Logistics Seminar for Poland, Russia and other countries as they moved toward free-market economies. Seminars related to small and medium enterprise promotion were implemented from 1999 for Czechoslovakia, from 2000 for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Central and Eastern Europe, and from 2007 for Southeastern Europe. From 2008, JICA Syria Synthetic Corporate Management Training Seminar and the JICA Middle Eastern Tourism Promotion Seminar were implemented.
Central and South America Region

PREX started the JICA Capacity Development Seminar for the Trade Promotion between Central American Countries and Japan from fiscal 2006 and JICA Industrial Promotion Through Partnerships With Central American Public-Private Officials Seminar from fiscal 2007. Under Following Up on Participants Back in Central America activities, PREX staff visited local areas in order to learn about the activities by participants who have returned home.

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Africa Region
PREX began the JICA Productivity Enhancement Seminar for Management of MONOZUKURI SMEs in the African Region from fiscal 2008 for the Africa region. Before the seminar got under way, PREX took part in a preliminary survey (by JICA) for local areas in October 2009 and surveyed local seminar needs.