Registration of PREX Alumni Network

To maintain good relations established during the seminar, PREX is building a network among seminar participants: PREX Alumni Network

This network will be used to promote understanding and human exchange among participants and Kansai, Japan. PREX would like to support the accomplishment of action plan or any activities planned by ex-participants as a fruit of the training courses/ seminars in Japan.

Using this network:

1) PREX would provide various information which you might be interested in by email newsletter, website, Facebook etc.

2) PREX will maintain constructive contact with you for the confirmation of the progress/situation of each action plan/activity.

3) Your personal information of name/country/organization or company/present post /email address (office)/ the year and course title which you participation in / would be disclosed to the other PREX Alumni members, if necessary.

4) Your photo image during the seminar would be used on our newsletter, website and Facebook page etc.

If you agree with the activities written above, please complete the form below on your current personal data and submit to us.

2.Full Name
3.Organization/ Company
4.Present Post
5.E-mail address(Private) @
6.E-mail address(Office) @
7.Mobile phone number
8.The course title which you participated in
9.The year which you have participated

Your personal information will be handled appropriately as described in our private policy.

(Privacy policy:

If there are any changes of your personal information, it’s very kind of you to inform

through this registration page.

Thank you for your cooperation.